I rather be beheaded than to apologize- Bashir El-Rufai tackles Muslim community for dragging him over Loved up photos with bride

Bashir El-Rufai, son of the governor of Kaduna, responded to the negative reactions he received from the Muslim community on Twitter, for sharing beloved photos with his wife Halima Kazaure.

The governor’s son has shared new photos of himself and his fiancee, Halima, who he will marry on Saturday, November 21. However, some Muslims on Twitter called him out for posting the photo live, saying the photos were “inappropriate” and against their religion.

In response, Bashir said; “If my photos with my wife are not suitable for some and due to the various unsolicited opinions, I would just like to take this opportunity to say that they are very stupid and if there is any other way that these images can be make them worse than they already do, please let me know.

A Twitter user commenting on Bashir’s tweet, said she hoped the governor’s son didn’t apologize for the photos, and in response, Bashir asserted that the Muslim community shouldn’t expect an apology. on his part.

He said he would rather be beheaded, rather than apologize for sharing beloved photos of himself and his fiancee. In his words,

“I would rather I am beheaded than do that. God forbid. Faceless idiots? Lmao”.

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