“I pray to Allah to guide and protect you wherever you are”- Nigerian man cries out bitterly on 4th year of his daughter’s abduction

Nigerian Umar Suleiman from Nasarawa State on Thursday, November 19, marked four years since his daughter was abducted by strangers.

Speaking to Facebook, he wrote a heartbreaking article about Khadija and how life has been for him and his family since her kidnapping.

He described the past four years as a year filled with pain and anguish, adding that he had never celebrated his son’s birthday as he was born a day after Khadija’s kidnapping.

“Today, November 19, four years have passed since a beautiful piece of jewelry was taken from me (taken away). Since your abduction four years ago, life has never been the same”, he writes.

“My world is at a standstill. Every day I wear a happy face, but within me there is pain, anguish and a sea of ​​midnight tears. The pain of a kidnapped child is much greater than that of a dead person ”.

“Khadija, the day your mom was kidnapped, your mom was in shock and the next day your brother was delivered by cesarean section. For four years, I have never celebrated his birthday, because the pain of November 19 is greater than the joy of the 20th.

“As I remember you today, my lovely daughter, I pray to Allah to guide and protect you wherever you are.”

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