If you have an underage child as househelp and also maltreating the child, you deserve to be jailed- Toolz says

A media personality, Toolz responded to a tweet in which a Twitter user described the use of underage children as household help as a form of slavery.

The media personality responding to the tweet said that anyone who has a “minor child whom they abuse (paying peanuts, beating, starving, etc.) deserves to be in jail.”

Toolz also questioned why people would treat those who care for their children badly, when they expect them to care for their children with love and kindness.

She wrote this;

Saw this earlier.
Very important conversation to have.
And if you have an underage child that you’re maltreating (paying peanuts, beating, starving etc) you deserve to be in jail.
I will never understand people that treat those handling their childcare badly. These are people that you expect to look after your children in a loving and caring manner o!

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